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It’s easy in the digital age to rewrite history into propaganda narratives.

That’s why locals and people who where there and witnessed key events are vital.

Before social media, locals voices were systemically erased with the loss of local news sources replaced by media conglomerates. Now locals voices are canceled by tech Oligarchy. When Hollywood, news bureaus and ad agencies allied with Spy Apparatuses were the only game, it took time for a single gatekeeper to bury locals truth to rewrite history. Documents would be classified and filed away for enough years to let key players avoid accountability. But the Social Media Era offers everyday locals power to hold Decision Makers accountable in real time by preserving history otherwise rewritten or deleted. Your comments in stories with false narratives are systematically flagged and removed by AI on mainstream sites, but here, your comments stand as post. They are removing troves of web pages from Wayback Machine archives. We’ll account for that here. What they remove, we repost. Locals Only like surf turfs along famous coasts.

This community will share first hand account to keep Decision Makers from hiding facts. People with facts empower others to make informed decisions.

Most importantly, this community exists so that we may Never Forget difficult truths.

Community Guidelines

Please respect the following community guidelines:

  • Keep your engagement first person accounts as this is not a place to broadcast Celebrity content from strangers you follow. Facebook is for couch warriors and rants.
  • This community welcomes boots on the ground activism.
  • Local grassroots doers are encouraged to post and preserve your account of public meetings, elections and everyday events recorded. You are the news.
  • Teaching each other best practices as digital age political warfare evolves is welcomed and encouraged. Teach us to empower us. This includes teaching us about your wins and loses so we can avoid them in our neighborhoods.
  • Stay respectful. No personal attacks. Even enemies can show respect at a time of war.
  • Don’t blow up other member feeds. If someone isn’t responding to you, let it be.
  • Typos politely called out appreciated. Grammar Police need not apply. Ignore autocorrect in the AI/mobile age.
  • Humor encouraged. Laughing at yourself and with others helps us get through this long game together.
  • No porn. No threats of violence. No farting.
  • Discourse and disagreement welcome, 0 Tolerance for trolling/spamming
  • Relax, laugh, be yourself and enjoy

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